Saturday, November 9, 2013

Injury of the Night

Now this just happened and I am injured and can barely type this because I am doing it on my phone. Earlier today mum asked me to cut a ball of cheese into slices. She handed me a knife that has cheese etched out in the blade leaving it looking fancy and polished. Anyway I'm cutting the cheese doing well then all of a sudden my grandma walks in the kitchen and says something averting my focus and then I feel it. First it only stings but then blood begins gushing out and I begin to panic. I call myself a self taught nurse that has practiced the fine art of bandaiding so I thought "I will be fine" as I approached the medicine cabinet. My reassurance was gone when I opened up the box of bandaids and find only the square ones that I call the bullet bandaids. Meanwhile my thumb is bleeding out pints of blood. No bandaids and a bleeding thumb I have to access my inner improviser and I make a good enough bandaid that will last me the night until we buy bandaids tomorrow morning. I am until then stuck with a giant red thumb stuck straight unable to bend. My life is just fantastic. (paper towel and red tape) 

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