Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcoming Myself

Well this seems extremely awkward. Talking to myself, to nobody online. But it doesn't matter because I want to do this and I will. I started this blog as a personal thing so I can view it years later and see the things I've done and places I've been. So here I am sitting on my bed surrounded by Christmas lights that I carelessly yet carefully hung onto my walls, just typing this little post as These Broken Hands by Joe Brooks plays as my "background music" because I constantly imagine my life is that in a movie so I keep music constantly playing as a soundtrack to my life. Silly, I know. It's only 6:00 pm and it's already as dark as burnt toast outside and my stomach growls for some macaroni and cheese but I tell myself I must finish this. The thoughts in my head constantly shift from one thing to another. One second I'm thinking of what I will wear tomorrow, the next I remind myself to shower before I go to sleep, then the next tells me I must check my instagram. Behind those normal everyday thoughts are some weird and creepy, as some people would say, thoughts. Instead of telling people I know about my thoughts, why not tell the internet and maybe find someone that thinks the same way. Who knows? This will be a hit or miss but I won't lose anything from this... I hope.

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